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Some of our lovely coworkers

We have people from a variety of backgrounds. From web developer to fundraising consultant to cleaning franchise owner ... and lots in between!

Hils Parker with Beano, cocker spaniel


Hils lives with hubby Geoff, Mum and Beano the cocker spaniel. Before giving up work to care for Mum, Hils has worked in various HR roles over the years, and more latterly moved into internal comms which she really loved. Finding she has some time on her hands, Hils has been helping out the HoCo team with a bit of admin. A keen walker, Hils also enjoys yoga and loves to travel, especially to France.

John and son


We moved to Horsham in Oct 2018 having previously lived in Shanghai for 8 years. I’m an industrial designer by trade but now work as an account manager for Kantar Consulting. I work out of a Covent Garden office a couple of times a week and Horsham Coworking the rest. I really landed on my feet with Horsham Coworking as I’m new to the area and had signed up to Brighton Marathon so met a lot of like-minded people.

Rob in party mood


Rob is an independent games developer. As well as developing games for other people, he's also been working on his own games for a number of years. When he's not raiding the fridge for Pepsi Max or hiding behind his HoCo poker season championship trophy, you might be able to spot him as he sprints past you at Parkrun. He’s also the proud owner of a mildly-famous three legged cat called Teazel.



Roger is the owner of cleaning franchise, Cleanhome, which operates in Horsham, Haywards Heath and Brighton. A former airline industry expert, he's also a Director of Horsham Coworking. When he's not helping to keep people's homes clean, he can usually be found jogging whilst listening to Marillion or playing gigs as bass player in a local band. He also likes gin... a lot.



Clive is the owner of CVW Web Design, a small web design and development agency based in Horsham. A former organic chemist, he's also one of three Directors of Horsham Coworking. When he’s not doing either of these things, you'll usually find him out running or cycling or down the pub.



Matt is the Managing Director of Giving Insight, a research-led fundraising consultancy working with charities and Universities around the world to help them grow their income. He also happens to be a Director of Horsham Coworking, and when he's not working he's either out cycling with his daughter Maya or jogging around Horsham in an effort to keep fit...